It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we announce that Jo'Ann passed away on Friday, August 6 after a brief illness

I hope you find something interesting and informative on the pages inside. I have a passion for astrology that began at age 5!  I have studied many forms of astrology and Western Karmic Astrology and Evolutionary Astrology are my favorite so far.  Since astrology is an ever expanding wisdom there’s always a new idea or perspective on the horizon.

Through the years I’ve noticed the most challenging aspect of astrology for beginners is where to start.  Studying the twelve signs is the best place to begin so each month I provide the current placement for the Sun, but every sign is also applied to the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and a plethora of other astral bodies, as well as the houses that make up a horoscope. Learning the twelve signs is quite simple and will open up a whole new way to see the world. Everything has a birth: your home, your car, your cat and, of course, you!

In addition to posting the sign of the month, I will also be writing about simple upcoming celestial events like Eclipses, Retrogrades, New and Full Moons, and Solstices and Equinoxes to add a little spice to the month and make learning astrology a little bit more interesting.  I’ll post these on my Facebook page.  If you’d like to join the site, please go here.

The Sun enters Libra on September 22nd at 12:21 p.m. PDT, 3:21 p.m. EDT

Take a deep breath; release it slowly.  Now another, gently allow the air to empty from your lungs and feel the day’s stress melt away as your shoulders drop and your body relaxes.  That’s the essence of Libra.  Do you think you could feel anxious or angry after taking those breaths?  Libra’s breathe through life, seeking beauty and peaceful settings.  They are very sensitive to life becoming out of balance, so when Libra’s step out of their beautiful home and into the world of the other eleven signs they encounter what feels like, to them, a very out of balance world full of chaos and disharmony.  It makes them want to turn around and go back into their peaceful and tranquil space.  But this is where Libra has to become the tightrope walker and constantly stop and rebalance their energy.  They do not like anything harsh or ugly.  This is the sign of beauty, art, diplomacy, love and marriage.

They are not indecisive as some astrology books like to describe them.  They simply need to be in a state of balance to make a decision or move forward and for them staying in balance is a constant challenge. They can also have challenges with relationships because they require us to balance our energy with another.  This is very difficult for a Libra; once they get their life into a state of balance they become very resistant to changing it and disrupting that balance.  They will avoid arguments and any type of confrontation.  They are truly peacemakers, which is why they make such good diplomats.  Because of their ability to create balance they can mediate just about anything, always seeing both sides of the story.

Libra time is different than the usual clock most of us use as the structure of what fills up our day.  They need lots of time to wake up, at least an hour before starting to dress.  They just need to sit and allow their bodies to slowly awaken, cell by cell.  They need lots of time to sleep, at least nine hours; twelve works better on some days.  Work?  Well yes, they work.  But first they stop for a danish and chat with the girl behind the counter about her earrings.  When they get into the office they need to stop by the bathroom and comb their hair and wash their hands.  By time they get to their desk they need to check email, maybe get a cup of coffee, stop and ask about today’s meeting and how long it will take because they were planning to leave a bit early for a facial.  They will get things done, they simply need more time and because they are so naturally social and charming, people tend to offer help which the Libra will gratefully accept!

Libra’s teach us the importance of beauty, art and keeping our life balanced.  They have to learn about relationships and making changes even when they don’t feel in perfect balance or they will miss opportunities in life.  Their symbol, the scales, are always moving through balance but not staying in balance.